Investcorp Capital Secures USD 800 Million Credit Facility 

Investcorp Capital plc, a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi-based alternative investor Investcorp, has finalized a significant financial agreement by securing a USD 800 million revolving credit facility (RCF) from a consortium of regional and international banks. The RCF, in which Investcorp serves as the guarantor, is anticipated to bolster Investcorp Capital’s financial standing and support its investment strategy. 

The arrangement involves the utilization of the RCF’s proceeds to address various financial obligations. Initially, the funds will be directed towards repaying an intercompany receivable between one of Investcorp Capital’s subsidiaries and Investcorp Holdings, the parent company. Additionally, the remaining available funds will be allocated to Investcorp Capital’s general corporate activities and to bolster its investment initiatives. 

The agreement’s financial implications are expected to manifest in the first quarter of 2024, ending on March 31, 2024. This strategic move underscores Investcorp Capital’s commitment to optimizing its financial structure and leveraging available resources to drive its investment objectives forward.