Three Alpha Dhabi Subsidiaries Targeted in Acquisition Deal 

Abu Dhabi-based investment firm Alpha Dhabi is in the spotlight after receiving a notable acquisition offer for three of its subsidiaries. The offer comes from the National Corporation for Tourism and Hotels (NCT&H). Although specific financial details were not disclosed, this move marks a significant development in the regional investment landscape. 

The three subsidiaries in question – ADH Hospitality, Murban BVI Holding, and Hill View Resorts Seychelles – were originally part of Murban’s asset portfolio. However, after Alpha Dhabi acquired Murban in 2021, these companies were incorporated into Alpha Dhabi’s holdings. Now, with NCT&H’s offer to acquire their full share capital, these subsidiaries are poised for a potential change in ownership. 

This acquisition offer follows Alpha Dhabi’s acquisition of a 36.4% stake in NCT&H last year, solidifying its position as the largest single stakeholder in the company. The proposed acquisition by NCT&H is expected to be financed through the issuance of new shares to Alpha Dhabi’s subsidiaries, Alpha Dhabi Hospitality Holding and Murban Energy. 

Both NCT&H and Alpha Dhabi are gearing up to formalize resolutions regarding the acquisition, with plans for further discussions scheduled for March 14. The outcome of these discussions will shed more light on the future trajectory of these subsidiaries and the broader investment strategies of Alpha Dhabi and NCT&H. 

Basma Bouazzi (pictured) serves as Legal Counsel at Alpha Dhabi.