Baker Hughes and Dussur Inaugurate Joint Venture in Saudi Arabia

Baker Hughes, a leading energy technology company, and Dussur, a consortium owned by the Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund (PIF), Saudi Aramco, and SABIC (Saudi Basic Industries Corporation), announced the official inauguration of their joint venture oilfield and industrial chemicals manufacturing plant in Jubail Industrial City, eastern Saudi Arabia.

Project Details:

  • Name: Saudi Petrolite Chemicals facility
  • Location: Jubail Industrial City, Saudi Arabia
  • Size: Approximately 90,000 square meters
  • Products: Chemicals for oilfield, power generation, and industrial applications
  • Features: On-site quality control lab, ethylene oxide and propylene oxide pipeline feedstock, 14 storage tanks
  • Joint Venture: Baker Hughes (51% stake) and Dussur (49% stake)

Legal Counsel

Mohammed AlAbdulkrim (pictured) is the Chief Legal and Governance Officer for Dussur

moreover about the deal :

  • Increased Supply: The facility aims to enhance Saudi Arabia’s supply base for raw materials like solvents and glycols.
  • Local Workforce Development: The project targets over 70% Saudization, contributing to the development of local manufacturing skills and capabilities.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Faster delivery of customized chemical solutions due to proximity to customers and suppliers.
  • Strategic Partnership: The project exemplifies successful collaboration between international and local entities to achieve mutual goals.