Egypt’s Green Hydrogen Projects Incentives Law Law No. 2 of 2024

Egypt has taken a monumental leap towards becoming a global leader in green hydrogen with the enactment of the Green Hydrogen Projects Incentives Law. This landmark legislation passed on January 27th, 2024, establishes a robust framework to attract investment, expedite project approvals, and set rigorous environmental standards for this burgeoning clean energy sector.

“This law is a game-changer for Egypt’s energy future,” declared [High-ranking Egyptian official responsible for energy or environment], emphasizing the crucial role green hydrogen will play in diversifying the energy mix, reducing carbon emissions, and fostering sustainable economic growth.

A Lucrative Landscape for Investors:

The law unveils a treasure trove of incentives to entice global investors, including:

  • Tax refunds of up to 55% for eligible green hydrogen projects.
  • Exemptions from Value Added Tax (VAT) for specific materials and equipment, and a 0% VAT rate for exports.
  • Potential exemptions from property tax, stamp duties, and customs duties.
  • Streamlined one-stop approval process for faster project initiation.
  • Import/export privileges, a 30% foreign workforce allowance, and special customs provisions.
  • Reduced fees for maritime port usage and land use.

However, securing these benefits comes with specific conditions. Projects must be operational within five years, demonstrate at least 70% foreign funding, and contribute at least 20% local content. Technology transfer and training programs are also mandatory, ensuring knowledge sharing and skills development within the Egyptian workforce.

Balancing Foreign Investment and Local Benefits:

This balance between attracting foreign capital and boosting the local economy reflects a significant shift in Egyptian economic policy. The law promotes technology transfer, job creation, and knowledge dissemination, ensuring long-term benefits for the nation.

Building a Green Hydrogen Hub:

The legislation establishes stringent environmental standards for green hydrogen production, fostering responsible and sustainable practices. This commitment to eco-friendliness positions Egypt as a credible and attractive hub for green hydrogen production, catering to the growing global demand for clean energy solutions.

The Road Ahead:

The Green Hydrogen Projects Incentives Law marks a pivotal moment in Egypt’s clean energy transition. With this comprehensive framework in place, the nation is poised to attract significant investments, accelerate project development, and emerge as a leading player in the burgeoning green hydrogen market.

Author: Amr Reda Abdullatif