Anwar_El Khatib

Anwar El Khatib named Chief Legal Officer at Salik

Salik, a leading provider of toll systems and transportation solutions in the United Arab Emirates, has appointed Anwar El Khatib (pictured) as its new Chief Legal Counsel. With an extensive legal background, El Khatib is expected to play a key role in the company’s growth and expansion. 

Anwar El Khatib has been practicing law for almost three decades and has gained an impressive range of experience throughout his career. Based on his LinkedIn profile, before joining Salik as the Chief Legal Counsel, El Khatib served as the General Counsel at Oman Insurance Company PSC Sukoon. In this role, he oversaw all legal and transactional affairs, including claims litigation, acquisitions, joint ventures, and expansion for the insurance leader. El Khatib was also responsible for balancing legal and administrative responsibilities while serving as Corporate and Board Secretary. He was a member of the Executive Committee, the Credit Committee, and the Enterprise Risk Management Committee, showcasing his extensive leadership skills. 

Prior to that, El Khatib worked as VP Legal & Corporate Secretary at Tamweel, where he was brought in during a period of intense international economic turmoil and legal/managerial restructuring. He successfully established the Legal & Corporate Secretarial Department and created work policies, standards, and organizational/management structures for each department function. El Khatib also educated departments on legal rights and obligations, highlighting his ability to train and mentor others. 

Before that, El Khatib held the position of Group Legal Director-Corporate Secretary at Department, where he spearheaded legal education, in-house rules and standards counsel, advanced warning/contingency planning, due diligence, and associated legal activities for a publicly-listed company in DIFX (Nasdaq Dubai) as the Head of Group Legal Department and Corporate Secretary. His experience in this role showcased his strategic thinking and ability to plan for potential legal issues. 

El Khatib’s early career started as an associate at Hanna Harfoush Boulos & Sanbar and later joined Souhaid Sayssa & Khatib. It was here that he acquired an in-depth understanding of corporate law, labor law, commodities trading regulations, maritime and customs law, litigations, and arbitration while managing contract negotiations, risks, and legal issues for a major sugar refinery and trader. 

El Khatib’s extensive experience in a range of legal areas showcases his versatility and ability to adapt to different industries and challenges.