Telecom Egypt Secures 5G License for USD150 Million

Telecom Egypt, the state-owned telecommunications company, has secured a license to operate fifth-generation (5G) mobile phone services in the country, the Cabinet announced on Tuesday.

The license, which costs $150 million, will allow Telecom Egypt to offer 5G services for 15 years, without any extensions or additional benefits. The company is the first and only operator in Egypt to obtain a 5G license, according to its website.

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Amr Talaat, said that 5G technologies would have a significant impact on achieving digital transformation in various sectors, which would boost the national economy and improve Egypt’s ranking in global indicators.

He added that 5G networks would provide high speeds that would enhance digital transformation and enable the development of innovative applications, such as virtual reality, industrial automation, smart cities, smart ports, healthcare, and remote device control.

Mohamed Salim (pictured), the Director of Corporate Legal and Governance for Telecom Egypt