SEVEN Unveils New Entertainment Destination in Almadinah

Saudi Entertainment Ventures (SEVEN), a subsidiary of the Public Investment Fund (PIF), has announced the construction of a new entertainment destination in Almadinah, and work is already underway. The construction is being carried out by BUJV, a joint venture by Al Bawani Co. and UrbaCon Trading & Contracting.

The entertainment destination in Almadinah is a part of SEVEN’s commitment to enhancing the living conditions of people and revitalizing communities in the region. The project will add to the region’s array of unique entertainment attractions, providing an enriched experience for all.

Strategically located next to King Fahad Central Park, the entertainment destination covers an expansive development area of over 100,000 square meters, with a total built-up area exceeding 84,000 square meters. The park will feature open paths and gardens, creating an entertainment oasis that offers visitors a variety of choices and high-quality offerings to enrich their experiences.

SEVEN’s signature attractions will grace the entertainment destination in Almadinah, promising excitement and enjoyment for all who visit.

Abdullah AlDawood, Chairman at SEVEN (pictured), said: “Our entertainment destination in Almadinah will transform the entertainment landscape of the region and bring new, unique, and exciting experiences to the people of Almadinah supporting SEVEN’s aims to enrich the quality of life for millions of Saudis.”  

Fakher AlShawaf, Group CEO, Albawani Holding, said: “We are delighted to have the opportunity to collaborate once again with SEVEN on this groundbreaking project, which aims to establish an exceptional entertainment destination in the holy city of Almadinah.”  

Ramez Al Khayat, Group Managing Director, UCC Holding, said: “This is an exciting project to add to our portfolio. As a leading international construction and contracting company with a wealth of expertise, we will deliver SEVEN’s entertainment destination with our signature superior quality.” 

This ambitious project is part of SEVEN’s substantial investment of more than SAR 50 billion to develop 21 entertainment destinations. Each destination is meticulously designed to offer world-class entertainment experiences, foster global partnerships within the sector, and provide innovative and unique offerings for visitors. These upcoming projects are located in 14 cities across the Kingdom, including Riyadh, Makkah, Jeddah, Taif, Dammam, and many others.

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of PIF, SEVEN is dedicated to investing in, developing, and operating entertainment destinations. The company’s mission is to create a sustainable entertainment sector that caters to the needs of all in Saudi Arabia, adhering to the highest international standards.

***(Photo courtesy of SEVEN)***