Successful Steam Blow at Al Layyah Combined Cycle Power Plant 

June 2023 marked a significant milestone as Al Layyah Combined Cycle Power Plant, boasting a capacity of 1,026 MW, successfully completed its steam blow for Sharjah Electricity, Water and Gas Authority (SEWA). This achievement stands as a crucial step in the Combined Cycle hot commissioning progress. 

What makes this accomplishment even more noticeable is that it marks the first time a steam-blowing activity was carried out under Elsewedy Electric Power Systems Projects’ full scope, with complete responsibility for all aspects, including technical design stages, procurement, installation, and commissioning, all while adhering to MPW acceptance criteria for steam purity. 

Steam blowing, classified as a cleaning operation, utilizes the power and velocity of steam to remove impurities from HRSG parts and BoP main steam systems pipelines. The temperature differences during this process cause the expansion and contraction of the steam piping, effectively removing mill scale. For many turbine manufacturers, steam blow cleaning is a vital requirement to meet specific criteria. 

Since June 2022, Al Layyah Combined Cycle Power Plant has been generating approximately 350 MW from each Gas Turbine, totaling 700 MW. By November 2023, an additional 326 MW will be added after the Steam Turbine completion, resulting in a total output of 1,026 MW. With its capacity, Al Layyah CCPP is poised to contribute around 40% of Sharjah’s current grid output. 

Currently, the focus remains on reinstatement and preparation for By-pass Operation, Steam Admission, and Synchronization milestones. Tuning and optimizing of the Steam Turbine are expected to begin by September 2023.  

Elsewedy Electric Group legal team is spearheaded by Group Chief Legal Officer Ahmed Zedan (pictured).