Sarie Eldin & Partners is aiding Ace Links’ Golden License pursuit

Sarie Eldin & Partners Legal Advisors successfully represented Ace Links Company in obtaining a golden license from the General Authority for Free Investment (GAFI).

The golden license, a comprehensive business permit granted by the Egyptian Cabinet, streamlines the process of establishing, managing, and operating companies. This expedited process is designed to attract investors and improve the overall business environment.

Ace Links plans to utilize the golden license for a groundbreaking project: the phased development of a model network for food and industrial foodstuff preservation and storage within the fifth Burj Al Arab. This project aims to reduce food product costs and aligns with the state’s strategic goals.

“We are honored to have represented Ace Links in securing this golden license,” said Hani Sari El-Din, founding partner at Sarie Eldin & Partners Legal Advisors. “This project has the potential to be truly transformative for the Egyptian food storage industry, and we are excited to see it come to fruition.”