Meysan Secures Win in High-Stakes Litigation for Al Farwaniyah 

In a significant legal triumph, Meysan has achieved a favourable outcome for Al Farwaniyah Property Developments (‘Al Farwaniyah’) in a high-stakes litigation case exceeding 137 million UAE dirhams. 

The litigation stemmed from a lawsuit initiated by a bank against Al Farwaniyah and other parties, seeking to recover an amount surpassing 137 million UAE dirhams. Meysan’s legal team contested both the standing of their client in the lawsuit and the jurisdiction of the Abu Dhabi courts over the matter. 

With meticulous legal representation, the Meysan team successfully argued before the First Instance Court of Abu Dhabi that Al Farwaniyah lacked the necessary capacity to be a party in the lawsuit and that the Abu Dhabi courts were not the appropriate venue for adjudicating the case. 

As a result of their efforts, the First Instance Court of Abu Dhabi ruled in favour of Al Farwaniyah, confirming the lack of jurisdiction of the Abu Dhabi courts in this matter. This ruling was subsequently upheld by the Court of Appeal, reaffirming the initial judgment. 

Meysan team was led by partner Abdulla Alnajjar (pictured right) and Counsel Ashraf Elhadidy (pictured left).