Matouk Bassiouny & Hennawy Guides Reefy Microfinance in EGP 700 Million Securitized Bonds Issuance

In a significant financial move, Matouk Bassiouny & Hennawy (MBH), a prominent legal firm, has provided expert legal counsel to Reefy Microfinance, the micro-financing subsidiary of CI Capital, for its impressive EGP 700 million Securitized bonds issuance.

This issuance marks the initial step of a comprehensive three-year program valued at EGP 3 billion, structured into three tranches. The first tranche, valued at EGP 317 million, boasts a tenor of 6 months and has been bestowed with a prestigious Prime 1 rating by Middle East Ratings and Investor Services (MERIS), a testament to its robust financial standing and potential for growth. Equally remarkable, the second tranche, valued at EGP 273 million, spans a 12-month tenor and also secured a coveted Prime 1 rating. Lastly, the third tranche, valued at EGP 110 million, carries a tenor of 19 months and holds a respectable A rating.

Guiding this milestone financial endeavour was a proficient team from MBH, led by Ashraf Hendi (pictured) (Partner) and Mohamed A. Fattah (Partner and Head of Capital Markets). The team’s expertise, combined with their deep understanding of the intricate financial landscape, played a pivotal role in ensuring the successful execution of this issuance.

Reefy Microfinance’s decision to partner with MBH for this endeavour underscores the legal firm’s reputation for delivering tailored, strategic solutions in the realm of finance and capital markets. The issuance not only showcases Reefy Microfinance’s commitment to innovation and growth but also highlights MBH’s proficiency in providing top-tier legal guidance to clients seeking to navigate complex financial terrain.