Ibrahim .N. PARTNERS is helping Ajman Bank raise for an over-subscribed rights issuance.

Ibrahim .N. PARTNERS Helps Ajman Bank Raise AED 550 Million in Oversubscribed Rights Issue Dubai-based law firm Ibrahim .N. PARTNERS has played a pivotal role in Ajman Bank’s recent successful AED 550 million Rights Issue. The offering was oversubscribed by 7.4 times, reflecting strong investor confidence in Ajman Bank’s growth prospects. The substantial demand, totaling AED 4.1 billion, showcases both local and international investors’ trust in the bank’s strategic initiatives. The law firm’s representation underscores its commitment to supporting clients in achieving their goals.

The initiative attracted the attention of renowned international investment banks as well as local investors, highlighting Ajman Bank’s strong reputation and potential for delivering value to its stakeholders. The bank’s commitment to innovation, customer-centric solutions, and responsible banking practices has played a pivotal role in driving this substantial investor interest.

Mr Ahmed Ibrahim, Managing Partner at IBRAHIM .N. PARTNERS, expressed his satisfaction with the outcome of the Rights Issue and emphasized the longstanding business relationship between the law firm and Ajman Bank. He conveyed pride in representing the bank in this successful endeavor and noted that the oversubscription rate and strong demand from both local and international investors underscore Ajman Bank’s strong market standing. This achievement is a testament to the law firm’s dedication to assisting its clients in achieving their strategic objectives.