Salem_Mohammed Al Darei

Adnoc Gas awarded a $3.6 billion contract to build the treatment infrastructure.

Abu Dhabi, UAE: With ADNOC’s chief legal counsel, Salem Mohammed Al Darei (pictured) at the helm of its legal department, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, a prominent player in the energy sector with substantial gas reserves, has announced a significant step towards enhancing its gas processing capabilities. The company has awarded a contract worth $3.6 billion to a joint venture between the National Petroleum Construction Company and Tecnicas Reunidas, aiming to expand its gas processing infrastructure in the UAE.

The contract encompasses the development and commissioning of cutting-edge gas processing facilities, which will play a pivotal role in optimizing gas supply to the Ruwais Industrial Complex. This expansion aligns with Adnoc Gas’s strategy to further tap into its substantial gas reserves and strengthen its position in the global energy market.

The cornerstone of this ambitious project is the “Maximising Ethane Recovery and Monetisation” initiative. This strategic endeavor aims to achieve a substantial increase of 35 – 40 percent in ethane extraction from Adnoc Gas’s existing onshore facilities at the Habshan complex. The plan involves the construction of advanced gas processing units that utilize innovative technologies to enhance ethane recovery rates.