Habib Al Mulla and Partners Celebrates 8th Emirati Women’s Day: ‘We Collaborate for Tomorrow’ in the Year of Sustainability

Dubai, UAE – August 28, 2023Habib Al Mulla and Partners, a distinguished regional law firm providing comprehensive legal services across the UAE and the Middle East, marks the 8th edition of Emirati Women’s Day with the overarching theme of ‘We Collaborate for Tomorrow’, aligning with the prevailing 2023 theme of the ‘Year of Sustainability’. In a symbolic gesture of recognition and appreciation, the entire team at Habib Al Mulla and Partners momentarily pauses its operations to celebrate the remarkable contributions of Emirati women to the UAE’s recent growth and their pivotal role in shaping the nation’s promising future.

Celebrating Emirati Women’s Contributions

On this momentous occasion, the law firm pays homage to its Emirati women lawyers, highlighting their significant impact and invaluable contributions to the firm’s success. Distinguished legal practitioners such as Alia Al Mulla, the Lead for Shareholders Disputes Practice, Eman Asad, Lead for Real Estate Disputes Practice, and Mira Alfalamarzi, a promising trainee associate, have left an indelible mark on the firm’s trajectory. These exemplary individuals regularly share their inspiring journeys with the team, shedding light on the opportunities, obstacles, and experiences inherent in a historically male-dominated profession.

A Visionary Perspective

Dr. Habib Al Mulla, the visionary founder of Habib Al Mulla and Partners, expresses his sentiments on this significant day, stating, “Emirati women embody immense strength and serve as a national inspiration. Our esteemed leadership has steadfastly empowered and championed Emirati women for over five decades, recognizing their pivotal role in the UAE’s socio-economic advancement. We applaud their determination and diverse accomplishments, including their remarkable presence in the legal sector. The accomplished Emirati women lawyers at Habib Al Mulla & Partners exemplify the contemporary generation of pioneering Emirati women, showcasing their ability to triumph over any challenge.”

He concludes, “Furthermore, we reiterate our commitment to this year’s theme, reflecting our esteemed leader’s dedication to fostering a sustainable future. We provide our clients with essential legal guidance to aid them in building sustainable businesses.”

Inspiring Aspirations

Eman Asad, the Lead for Real Estate Disputes Practice at Habib Al Mulla & Partners, shares her perspective, “Emirati women have forged significant pathways in shaping the future of the UAE. Today, we witness remarkable Emirati women excelling as scientists, astronauts, technologists, doctors, politicians, lawyers, and more. As an Emirati woman lawyer, I firmly believe that the present offers an unprecedented opportunity to contribute to our nation’s progressive workforce. I aspire to join the ranks of these inspirational Emirati women and make my mark.”

A Legacy of Empowerment

Emirati Women’s Day was inaugurated in 2015 by Her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, affectionately known as The Mother of the Nation. Observed annually on August 28, this day serves as a testament to Emirati women’s dedication, resilience, aspirations, and achievements that have indelibly shaped the United Arab Emirates.