Georges Assy_ Antoine Nasr_ Ramzi El Khoury

FTI Consulting Bolsters Public Sector Team 

FTI Consulting is making substantial investments in expanding its Public Sector practice in the Middle East, aiming to support government entities in their most critical transformations. Over the past year, the team has rapidly expanded from a core leadership group to a robust network of over 100 professionals. Notable recent additions to the team include Antoine Nasr, appointed as Head of Public Sector Practice and Senior Managing Director, along with Ramzi El Khoury and Georges Assy, both Senior Managing Directors. 

In 2023 and early 2024, FTI Consulting’s Public Sector practice has undergone remarkable development, attracting top talent with deep expertise in the sector and regional dynamics. These senior team members, recruited from leading consulting firms and public sector organizations, have been instrumental in driving socio-economic transformations, contributing to national vision development, and formulating sectoral and regional strategies across various government levels and state-owned enterprises. 

Reflecting on the journey of the practice, Antoine Nasr, Head of FTI Consulting’s Public Sector practice, remarked, “Our growth has been fuelled by the depth and breadth of the team’s experience, our long-standing client relationships, and our commitment to understanding and addressing the unique and evolving challenges faced by regional governments.” 

FTI Consulting’s specialization strategy focuses on delivering tailored and impactful support through specialized platforms. These platforms encompass areas such as Tourism and Culture, Cities, Infrastructure and Real Estate, Public Finance and Investments, Environment & Sustainability, Social Development, and Innovation. 

Furthermore, the Public Sector team leverages FTI Consulting’s extensive network and diverse range of services to offer comprehensive solutions tailored to the complex challenges faced by public sector entities. Drawing on expertise from FTI Consulting’s Economic Consulting, Corporate Finance & Restructuring, and Strategic Communications segments, the team delivers a holistic approach to addressing multifaceted issues. 

As part of FTI Consulting’s global network, comprising 7,900 employees across 30+ countries, the regional Public Sector team collaborates closely with colleagues worldwide. This collaboration facilitates the exchange of best practices and guidance, reflecting the increasing recognition of regional governments’ pivotal role in driving global advancements. 

Antoine Nasr also emphasized the significance of regional governments as catalysts for change on a global scale, highlighting their efforts in addressing demographic challenges, developing future workforces, directing strategic investments, and implementing effective policies. 

The expansion into the strategy consulting segment of the public sector represents another milestone for FTI Consulting within the strategy consulting space under FTI Delta. The FTI Delta team combines the expertise of Delta Partners, acquired in July 2020, with the experience of industry experts within FTI Consulting’s TMT practice and the newly formed Public Sector offering.