Dentons unveils “fleetAI” powered by ChatGPT

Global law firm Dentons is revolutionising its legal services through the introduction of “fleetAI,” an exclusive version of ChatGPT that empowers its lawyers to leverage generative artificial intelligence on active client matters. 

“fleetAI” features a robust chatbot built on OpenAI’s GPT-4 Large Language Model, allowing Dentons’ legal professionals to efficiently conduct legal research, generate legal content, and identify relevant legal arguments. The platform also includes a second bot, enabling seamless upload and analysis of multiple legal documents, extracting key data like clauses and obligations for in-depth scrutiny. 

Under the leadership of UKIME Head of Innovation Joe Cohen, Dentons collaborated with Microsoft to ensure the utmost privacy and data security. All data uploaded into “fleetAI” is strictly safeguarded, never used for model training, and erased after a secure 30-day period. 

UK, Ireland, and Middle East CEO Paul Jarvis (pictured) expressed his enthusiasm for “fleetAI’s” groundbreaking capabilities, foreseeing its systematic integration into daily matter workflows and transforming client service delivery. 

Launching in August 2023, “fleetAI” will significantly enhance Dentons’ client service, reflecting its name’s nod to the firm’s London office in Fleet Place. Initially exclusive to Dentons’ legal professionals, future plans include extending access to colleagues across the global firm. Dentons will provide comprehensive guidance to partners and staff on usage, applications, and potential risks, ensuring transparent interactions with clients. 

Continuing to innovate, Dentons is already developing future versions of “fleetAI,” integrating with existing legal robots to streamline data extraction and analysis, while exploring third-party products to offer an all-encompassing portfolio approach for its legal professionals.