Coficab Partners with The Copper Mark 

In a significant move towards fostering responsible copper production practices, Coficab, a prominent provider of automotive wires and cables and a major global consumer of copper, has officially joined The Copper Mark Partner programme. The Copper Mark stands as one of the most trusted assurance frameworks dedicated to championing responsible practices throughout the entire copper value chain. 

As a key player in the global automotive cable development sector, copper holds a central position in Coficab’s operations. Recognizing the obligation to advocate sustainable and responsible practices in copper sourcing, the company has embraced The Copper Mark’s rigorous standards to ensure ethical conduct across their operations. 

The Copper Mark shares a common vision with Coficab — a commitment to building a sustainable society driven by responsible copper production, sourcing, and recycling. By employing robust governance and credible standards, The Copper Mark ensures adherence to internationally recognized responsible operating practices. This partnership empowers Coficab to make well-informed decisions regarding responsibly produced copper within their supply chain, marking a significant milestone in their sustainability journey. 

Coficab’s Corporate Legal and Compliance Director, Maha Driss Menjour, and her legal team are actively supporting the Group’s Sustainability task Force as well as the Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) and Purchasing departments in various tasks related to the Group’s sustainability strategy. This includes contributing to the sustainability report, creating innovative contracts with recycling companies, and reviewing contracts with local communities to foster environmental initiatives.  

Commenting on the partnership with The Copper Mark, Driss emphasized its significance: “What makes this partnership with The Copper Mark important is the size of our Group’s consumption of copper. In fact, COFICAB is the worldwide leader for automotive wires and cables manufacturing, and one of the largest copper consumers globally. The more we procure copper and recycle scrap in a durable and responsible manner, the more we make a positive impact on the global sustainability efforts” 

Mohamed Taher Herzi, Corporate Metal Purchasing Manager at Coficab, expressed the company’s commitment to supply chain transparency and sustainability goals, stating, “Coficab is pleased to join The Copper Mark as a partner organization to promote responsible copper production practices across the automotive industry.” 

This collaboration is a crucial advancement in Coficab’s sustainability strategy, particularly within the context of their supply chain. As part of their broader environmental impact reduction goals, partnering with The Copper Mark facilitates the exchange of information related to eco-friendly practices. This strategic move aligns with Coficab’s vision of achieving CO2 neutrality by 2050. 

Michèle Brulhart, Executive Director at The Copper Mark, welcomed Coficab as a partner, emphasizing the importance of collaboration in enabling responsible production, sourcing, and recycling of copper across the automotive industry. The partnership signifies a shared commitment to advancing sustainable practices and contributing to a greener future.