Barakat, Maher & Partners Collaborates with Clyde & Co to Guide PANGIAM in Transformative Cairo International Airport Project

Barakat Maher & Partners, in association with Clyde & Co, has provided essential legal counsel to PANGIAM as it embarks on an ambitious endeavor to modernize and enhance the Cairo International Airport. This transformative project aims to establish a cutting-edge terminal and upgrade existing facilities, all with the goal of ensuring smoother, swifter, and more efficient travel experiences. This initiative underscores Egypt’s unwavering commitment to bolster its tourism industry through substantial investments in new international airports and the elevation of current terminals.

The collaboration was commemorated in a momentous signing ceremony attended by esteemed stakeholders, including the Egyptian Minister of Civil Aviation and key representatives from PANGIAM. Barakat, Maher & Partners, renowned for their legal expertise, played an integral role in guiding the project toward fruition.

PANGIAM, a venture founded by a team of distinguished customs and security experts, boasts an extensive wealth of senior-level executive experience. By harnessing the power of innovative technologies and data-driven strategies, PANGIAM addresses intricate security, operational, and facilitation challenges. This pivotal partnership between PANGIAM and Barakat, Maher & Partners heralds a new era in the evolution of airport infrastructure.

Partners Mohamed Barakat and Sameh Dahroug, at the helm of the Cairo office team, expertly guided the project’s legal aspects. Mohamed Barakat shared his insights on the initiative, stating, “We are thrilled to continue our dedicated support for this strategic undertaking. Anticipating robust growth in Egypt’s tourism sector and overall economic advancement, we are enthusiastic about the profound impact this project will have.”

With this collaboration, Barakat, Maher & Partners and Clyde & Co fortify their reputation as legal trailblazers, contributing to Egypt’s progress on the global stage and propelling the nation’s tourism sector toward a prosperous future.