Mahmoud (Mac)_Fadlallah

Akin launches legal data productivity platform, OverRuled 

Akin announced the full launch of Innovative Legaltech Solution, OverRuled, a platform developed and owned by Akin Gump Solutions.  

OverRuled empowers lawyers and compliance practitioners to access and analyze consolidated data from disparate sources in seconds. Following the successful pre-launch of the OverRuled Russia Trade Controls Resource Center last year, users now have access to the full suite of the OverRuled sanctions module’s offerings. 

Akin partner and OverRuled founder Mahmoud (Mac) Fadlallah (pictured) said, “The OverRuled sanctions module is as essential to a sanctions practitioner as other research tools like LexisNexis and Westlaw are to a litigator.” He added, “Our machine learning algorithm, OverRuled Predictor, is a game-changer in the use of artificial intelligence for predicting potential regulatory penalties and mitigating related compliance risks.” 

Kim Myers, Akin partner and co-leader of the OverRuled team, added, “We aim to make the full OverRuled platform a key element of a practitioner’s compliance toolkit. The platform gives subscribers up-to-date, practical and accurate information that was previously scattered across a number of disparate sources. This comprehensive resource can help our users identify relevant resources quickly, saving hours of research time and building confidence that their advice is based on a comprehensive review of available resources.” 

The OverRuled sanctions module is an essential tool for businesses needing to stay informed of U.S. sanctions trends and risks. It builds research efficiency and ensures information accessibility through access to a comprehensive database of U.S. Treasury Department, Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) enforcement cases, guidance, and resource documents. It also provides subscribers with access to cutting-edge products such as a sanctions risk map that uniquely shows sanctions risk for each country in the world, and the OverRuled Predictor, a machine learning algorithm that helps to predict potential OFAC penalties, based on user provided details. 

In addition to the Russia Trade Controls Resource Center and sanctions module, the OverRuled team intends to launch a China Trade Controls Resource Center as well as export control modules in the coming months.