U.S. Attorney Gloria Estolano Takes on Strategic Role at M&CO Legal

Gloria Estolano, a renowned attorney from the United States with a specialization in employment law, has recently assumed the role of Strategic Partner at M&CO Legal.

Estolano brings a wealth of experience to her new role, having previously advised a diverse range of clients, including both individuals and businesses operating onshore, offshore, and within free zones. Her expertise in UAE labor law and employment has been instrumental in navigating complex issues related to contracts, employee incentives, training, workplace conflicts, wrongful and unfair termination, client information protection, discrimination, employee data protection, and regulatory issues.

In addition to her advisory role, Estolano has also been pivotal in providing training services, further enhancing her contribution to the field of employment law.

At M&CO Legal, Estolano will offer in-house legal consultation and training to corporate, commercial, and individual clients. Her focus will be on workplace compliance laws, arbitration of disputes, and the development of rules and procedures for the workplace, ensuring a comprehensive legal framework that supports both businesses and their employees.

in addition, Dr. Mahmood Hussain, a Founding Partner of M&CO Legal, has taken on the role of managing the firm. Known for his extensive experience as an International Arbitrator and Mediator, Dr. Hussain brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his leadership role.