Florian Koemm, Mohamed Elmogy and Sarah Elmatarawy

Siemens Energy to build a stable energy infrastructure in Yemen 

Siemens Energy and the Republic of Yemen have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (“MoU”) for the re-electrification of the country. 

The MoU focuses on the essential elements of the electrification of Yemen. This includes the addition of new and highly efficient power generation capacity, diversifying the country’s energy mix through new and renewable energy sources, rehabilitation and upgrade of existing plants, as well as supporting the expansion of transmission and distribution networks. 

Siemens Energy legal team was led by vice president and general counsel, Siemens Energy Middle East Florian Koemm (pictured left), working alongside regional lead counsel Mohamed Elmogy (pictured center) and senior legal counsel Sarah Elmatarawy (pictured right).