Siemens Energy and Oman Investment Authority: A Strategic Collaboration for a Sustainable Future

Siemens Energy and the Oman Investment Authority have taken a significant step towards a sustainable future. Following COP28, both entities have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for an electrolyser manufacturing facility. This strategic agreement is a testament to months of hard work and aligns with Hydrom’s commitment to driving Oman’s energy transition and fulfilling Vision 2040 ambitions.

Oman’s Leadership in the Global Clean Hydrogen Industry

These endeavors demonstrate Oman’s leadership in the global clean hydrogen industry. The legal expert behind these agreements is Mohamed Thabet, the General Counsel of Siemens Energy Oman, who worked tirelessly until the agreements were signed.

Oman Vision 2040: A Roadmap to a Sustainable Economy

The Oman Vision 2040 aims to elevate infrastructure as a key economic instrument to help the Sultanate become an industrial and trade hub. It seeks to decrease reliance on hydrocarbon exports, increase non-oil contribution to GDP, and create new employment opportunities for Omani nationals. Many of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are reflected in this vision, with a focus on developing people and creating a knowledge-based economy driven by Omani talents.

Siemens Energy in Oman: A Legacy of Innovation and Commitment

Siemens Energy has a rich heritage in the Sultanate, dating back to 1974. With a strong installed base, local setup, and a dedicated team in the Sultanate, Siemens Energy serves Omani society with a firm commitment to thinking and acting in the interests of future generations. The company’s contributions to electrification, decarbonization, and industrial development are significant. Siemens Energy’s cutting-edge technologies and expertise are responsible for around 40% of the power generation capacity and 35% of the transmission in Oman.

Advancing the Logistics Sector for Hydrogen

A third MOU was signed between Hydrom and Asyad Group to collaborate on advancing Oman’s logistics sector by supporting innovative green hydrogen projects. This strategic partnership focuses on orchestrating a robust domestic supply chain within the sultanate, fostering a conducive ecosystem for hydrogen initiatives.

Recognizing the distinctive demands and scale of industrial cargo linked to green hydrogen projects and downstream facilities, both Hydrom and Asyad Group are dedicated to expediting infrastructure development. The goal is to not only meet but exceed anticipated requirements and global standards, thereby enabling the seamless deployment of hydrogen solutions across diverse industries.

In the words of Shidhani, “I am proud to see the full potential of the hydrogen value chain begin to take shape in Oman, and our progress towards facilitating the realization of many of Vision 2040 ambitions other than clean energy, including the development of localized industry and bolstering Oman’s competitive advantages.”

Mohamed Thabet, as the General Counsel of Siemens Energy Oman, has indeed played a crucial role in these agreements. His expertise in legal matters has been instrumental in bringing these agreements to fruition. His hard work and dedication have contributed significantly to this strategic collaboration between Siemens Energy and the Oman Investment Authority. This collaboration is a major step towards achieving Oman’s Vision 2040 ambitions and driving the energy transition in the country.