Saudia Technic and Public Investment Fund (PIF) Announce Landmark Partnership in Aviation Sector

Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia– Khalid Nassar and Partners proudly represent Saudia Technic in a monumental transaction with the esteemed Public Investment Fund (PIF), marking a significant milestone in the aviation industry.

The collaboration between Saudia Technic and PIF signifies a transformative moment for aviation excellence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Captain Fahd Cynndy and the executive team at Saudia Technic express their enthusiasm for this partnership, highlighting its potential to create a profound impact on both the local and regional aviation sectors.

At the core of this collaboration is the commitment to ‘precision with passion,’ a guiding principle embedded in Saudia Technic’s ethos since its inception. PIF’s investment not only fuels the expansion of operations but also amplifies the implementation of the ‘MRO++‘ philosophy—a concept that epitomizes innovation and advancement beyond traditional maintenance, repair, and overhaul services.

Central to this groundbreaking initiative is the development of a sprawling 1 million-square-meter MRO village in Jeddah, featuring a state-of-the-art jet propulsion center. This ambitious project underscores Saudia Technic’s dedication to pushing boundaries in innovation, efficiency, and service excellence within the aviation industry.

Khalid Nassar, Managing Partner of KN&P, stated, “This partnership represents a commitment to forging a future where Saudia Technic stands as a symbol of unparalleled service and innovation. Together with PIF, we aim to redefine the global aviation landscape, positioning Saudi Arabia as a pivotal hub in this dynamic sector.”

The joint efforts of Saudia Technic and PIF aim to propel Saudi Arabia into a prominent position within the global aviation arena, setting new standards for operational excellence and innovation.

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About Saudia Technic: Saudia Technic is a leading aviation services provider committed to delivering exceptional maintenance, repair, and overhaul solutions, consistently raising the bar for service excellence and innovation.

About Public Investment Fund (PIF): PIF is a sovereign wealth fund of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, dedicated to driving economic growth and creating lasting value for the nation.

About Khalid Nassar and Partners (KN&P): KN&P is a prominent legal counsel firm dedicated to facilitating transformative partnerships and transactions across various industries.