Sarie Eldin & Partners Collaborates with Sorbonne Legal Clinic 

Egypt-based law firm, Sarie Eldin & Partners Legal Advisors, has forged a collaborative alliance with the Clinique Juridique de la Sorbonne in Egypt, a non-profit association based in France. This partnership aims to offer legal consultations and training opportunities to students at the Faculty of Law, Sorbonne University, Cairo branch. 

Amira Sharif, the main partner at Sarie Eldin & Partners (pictured), emphasized the altruistic nature of this initiative, stating, “This partnership, which is a free of charge initiative by both parties, aims to provide legal consultations to all students in need from the Faculty of Law at Sorbonne University, Cairo branch, as well as reviewing all legal information provided by the students to ensure its legality by specialized lawyers from our firm.” 

She further elaborated on the firm’s commitment to social responsibility, mentioning ongoing support provided to Egyptian public entities and law students across universities in the country. 

Daniela Osfat, president of the association, highlighted the origins and goals of the Clinique Juridique de la Sorbonne, established by students of Paris1 University (Sorbonne) in 2015. She expressed enthusiasm about extending the clinic’s legal culture and services to Sorbonne University, Cairo branch, leveraging Sarie Eldin’s expertise and experience in Egypt.