Riad & Riad Defends Multinational in Food Safety Case 

Riad & Riad has achieved success in defending a multinational food manufacturing company against food safety prosecutions, which included allegations of breaching Food Control Law, Fraud Combating Law, and National Food Safety regulations. The case commenced with an initial investigation and dawn raid by NFSA, leading to the seizure and testing of goods. Subsequently, criminal prosecution was initiated against the company, resulting in charges against its director for imprisonment and fines. 

During the appeal process, Riad & Riad secured full acquittal for the company’s directors and substantial discharge of liability for the company itself. The defense strategy centered on scrutinizing the actions of the investigating body to ensure compliance with their jurisdiction and demonstrating the company’s due diligence and adherence to food safety regulations. The legal team successfully persuaded the court that the company had conducted thorough checks on its products, justifying its reliance on NFSA’s checks during the importation stage. 

The team was led by Partner Fatma Salah (pictured), Senior Associate Ahmed Waheed, Associates Mohamed Ahmed and Hossam Fawzy