Revising the framework of Egypt’s Competition Law

Author / Amr Reda Abdullatif

Egypt’s New Pre-Merger Clearance Regime: A Comprehensive Guide to the Transformative Competition Law

On 1 November 2014, the Egyptian pre-merger control regime suddenly received wide attention as the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt issued Law No. 67 of 2014 regarding the amendments of certain articles of the Egyptian Competition Law No. 3 of 2005. This marks the beginning of Egypt’s new pre-merger clearance regime. Global practitioners and business persons should now start to learn about the new pre-merger control rule in Egypt on which this paper attempts to canvass.

The new pre-merger clearance regime is a significant step in speeding up the review process and providing faster clearance or decision for proposed transactions. This is mentioned in the preamble of the new law which explicitly states that one main objective of this amendment is to support the business society and intellectual property rights owners to strengthen their positions internationally in order to support the national economy from the economic monopolistic and unfair practices which thwart free competition and harm consumers. This regime is imposed in the new Article 20 bis (1) on which it explicitly revokes the old general notification system described in Article 11.