Richard Clarke_Gareth Ling

Oryx Legal Consultants: Beyond Law into Finance and Compliance

Oryx Legal Consultants (“Oryx”), a disruptive legal start-up based in the UAE, has announced its expansion into corporate finance and advisory, as well as compliance services. This expansion marks a significant milestone in the professional services industry and reflects Oryx’s commitment to innovation and versatility. 

The move into corporate finance and advisory and compliance is highlighted by the addition of two seasoned industry professionals to the Oryx team. Gareth Ling will lead the compliance division, leveraging his extensive 25-year regulatory experience gained at organizations such as the Astana Financial Services Authority, Societe Generale, and Barclays Bank. Richard Clarke, a well-known figure in business and finance with nearly three decades of experience, will head Oryx’s corporate finance and advisory division, drawing from his leadership roles at Kroll Middle East and GEMS Education, as well as his partnerships at KPMG and Deloitte. 

Oryx aims to become a comprehensive one-stop hub for businesses, offering a wide range of services, including legal advice, financial services compliance, transaction advisory, debt/equity structuring advice, corporate restructuring, financial transformation, and support for start-ups in their capital raising journey. The expansion aligns with Oryx’s mission to challenge the traditional approach to professional services by providing flexibility and efficiency to clients, from family offices to global corporations. 

Vanessa Abernethy, Co-Founder of Oryx, emphasized the transformative nature of this expansion, stating, “The addition of Gareth and Richard to the team isn’t just about adding two experts; it’s about launching two new transformative verticals. Their collective expertise will drive our growth in the corporate finance and advisory, and compliance landscapes, extending our unique and efficient approach beyond legal services.” 

Oryx has already made a significant impact on the legal services landscape in the MENA region, facilitating transactions worth over USD 1.25 billion in the first half of 2023. With its innovative fixed-fee and fractional business model, Oryx has resonated with a diverse clientele, serving over 60 clients since July 2022. This expansion into corporate finance and advisory, as well as compliance, underscores Oryx’s commitment to providing innovative solutions and meeting the evolving needs of businesses worldwide. 

Natalie Boyd, Co-Founder of Oryx, concluded, “The traditional approach to professional services is rigid and fragmented. Oryx is challenging that status quo, offering flexibility and efficiency to clients, from family offices to global corporations. The addition of Gareth and Richard amplifies our capabilities and solidifies our commitment to being a comprehensive, innovative solution in the professional services realm.” 

Co-Founders, Natalie Boyd and Vanessa Abernethy, with over 50 years of combined global experience, continue to lead Oryx in reimagining professional services, embracing flexibility, innovation, and excellence.