Abdulwahhab_Al Hinai

OQ Powers Musandam’s Progress with Landmark Investments 

OQ, Oman’s state-backed energy investment company, with General Counsel Abdulwahhab Al Hinai (pictured) at its legal helm, has made a significant investment of over $2 billion in three key projects in the Musandam governorate. These investments will help transform the region’s energy infrastructure, enhance operational efficiency, and support the sustainable development of the area. 

The first project is the Musandam Gas Processing Plant, which will play a crucial role in meeting the energy needs of the governorate and contribute to the diversification of Oman’s energy portfolio. The second project involves the management of offshore fields in Concession Area 8, ensuring the efficient operation of these assets and maximizing their production capacity. 

The third project is the Musandam Power Plant, which will provide reliable electricity to the governorate, enabling economic growth and improving the quality of life for residents. OQ is also committed to social development in Musandam, investing RO 4 million in projects that focus on urban, environmental, and tourism aspects. These initiatives will contribute to the preservation of the governorate’s heritage and natural beauty while promoting sustainable tourism. 

These investments demonstrate OQ’s dedication to supporting the economic and social development of Musandam, ensuring a brighter future for the region.