BFA & Co

BFA & Co: A Fresh Face in Casablanca’s Legal Sphere 

Casablanca welcomes BFA & Co, a dynamic law firm offering diverse legal solutions for businesses, signalling a new era in the city’s legal landscape. 

The legal landscape in Casablanca, Morocco, sees a notable addition with the establishment of BFA & Co, a multidisciplinary law firm founded by Ayoub Berdai, Idriss Fadel and Hind Aouane (all pictured above). The firm’s inception marks a significant development in the region’s legal sector, promising to offer diverse legal services while prioritising client needs. 

BFA & Co positions itself as a blend of legal expertise and commercial insight, aiming to provide tailored legal solutions to address the complex challenges faced by clients across various sectors. With a team comprising experienced practitioners spanning different legal domains, the firm aims to cater to clients of all sizes and backgrounds. 

The firm’s practice spans international and multidisciplinary areas of law, covering a wide range of business law matters such as personal data protection, aviation law, corporate restructuring, and pharmaceutical law. The founders envision BFA & Co as a contributing entity to the local and international legal community, offering innovative solutions to meet evolving client needs.