Saeed_Al Ajmi

Meysan Partners secures major legal victory in Kuwait 

Regional law firm Meysan Partners has achieved a remarkable legal triumph in representing a senior executive in an employment dispute against one of Kuwait’s largest family conglomerates. In a pivotal turn of events, the plaintiff successfully persuaded the court to reevaluate their claim by convening a committee of experts. The committee’s subsequent findings overturned the initial expert’s conclusions, resulting in a substantial award of indemnities for the employee. 

The court endorsed the expert committee’s recommendations, ultimately ruling in favor of the plaintiff and awarding them a substantial sum exceeding $1.5 million USD. 

Lawyer Saeed Al Ajmi (pictured) led the court proceedings with support from counsel Mohamed Abdulwahed, who noted that: “this judgment emphasizes Kuwait’s employment climate regardless of if the dispute involves a large group of companies, and is a testament of Kuwaiti courts’ independence, impartiality and integrity.