Ali Abdullah_Mohamed Naguib

Ali Abdullah and Mohamed Naguib welcomed to MBH partnership

Matouk Bassiouny & Hennawy has promoted Ali Abdullah (pictured) to partner and head of Tax Litigation practice and Mohamed Naguib (pictured) to partner and head of criminal litigation practice.

With experience in the legal field spanning over two decades, Ali Abdullah has dealt with arbitration cases and disputes on behalf of local and foreign customers in the highest courts of Egypt, including the Court of Cassation, the Supreme Constitutional Court, and the administrative Court.  

Abdullah has further served several corporate clients in their dealings with the administrative courts and other government bodies in connection to various conflicts. His area of expertise encompasses taxation, generic corporate legal matters, criminal law, resolving disputes, white-collar and corporate investigations, and litigation concerning labour and employment. 

With over eight years of experience in criminal litigation, plus four years working as a public prosecutor and investigating more than 350 offences, Mohamed Naguib has developed extensive knowledge in financial offences, fraud probes, and criminal proceedings in general. He has gained broad experience on both a local and international level through multiple disputes, fraud investigations, and FCPA analyses.

Naguib’s practice encompasses a broad range of criminal matters, including bribery, falsification, economic violations, and breaches of competition law. He is well-versed in providing assistance on multi-jurisdictional probes requiring an understanding of foreign legal requirements, such as the US FCPA and the UK Bribery Act.