Laila by Linklaters: Pioneering Legal Chatbot Reaches New Heights

Linklaters, the prominent global law firm, has unveiled the latest iteration of its GenAI chatbot, now christened “Laila.” The upgraded version comes on the heels of the initial launch in March 2023, which witnessed remarkable adoption and interaction across the firm. Currently boasting 2,500 active users and handling over 2,600 queries daily, Laila has become an integral part of Linklaters’ technological landscape. 

Developed entirely in-house by Linklaters’ proficient software development team, Laila utilizes Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI infrastructure, ensuring a secure environment for users to responsibly explore the various applications of this cutting-edge technology. Notably, all prompts and responses are meticulously safeguarded within Linklaters’ controlled ecosystem. 

Detailed analysis of the initial six months of the chatbot’s deployment has revealed a truly global reach, with users inputting prompts in diverse languages from all of Linklaters’ offices worldwide. Although usage is widespread, there are notable hotspots in Singapore, Paris, Frankfurt, and London. Furthermore, the iterative Q&A functionality has been consistently embraced, with users hailing from both practice areas and business teams. 

The collaborative efforts of Linklaters’ software development team with Microsoft have resulted in regular updates to the chatbot, aligning it with new versions of ChatGPT. Version 2 incorporates features specifically requested by the user base, such as the ability to upload longer documents, run extended prompts and outputs, and access live results from the internet via Bing. 

As part of the upgrade process, Linklaters engaged its community with a naming competition, receiving over 500 suggestions in a two-week window. The final choice, Laila, represents a significant step forward in the firm’s commitment to innovation and technological advancement. 

Thomas Quoroll, a Partner and member of the GenAI Experimentation Working Group at Linklaters, expressed his enthusiasm about the engagement seen across all levels of the organization, from trainees to partners. He highlighted the potential of GenAI in boosting efficiency and providing more time for strategic thinking. 

Su Clarke, Head of Software Development & Testing at Linklaters, emphasized the transformative nature of AI technology when used correctly. She stated that the firm’s knowledge and learnings about its application would continue to be shared with clients. 

Linklaters has a longstanding history of pioneering and implementing new technologies, and the integration of GenAI into its technology stack since 2018 exemplifies this commitment.  Other ongoing proof of concepts includes a global pilot of CoCounsel and a collaboration with Kin & Karta and Google’s Cloud platform to test knowledge search. 

With Laila at the forefront, Linklaters is poised to further harness the power of AI in delivering enhanced client support and reshaping the legal industry’s technological landscape.