The Evolution of the Legal System in Libya 

From MENA to the WORLD

The legal system in Libya has historically been influenced by Ottoman, French, Italian, and Egyptian sources. It is based on a combination of Islamic law, civil law, and tribal law. The country has a long history of legal tradition, dating back to ancient times when the legal system was based on the customs and traditions of the local tribes. 

During the Italian colonial period, the legal system in Libya was based on the Italian legal system, which included elements of civil and commercial law. After the fall of the colonial regime in 1951, the legal system underwent significant changes as the new government sought to establish its control over the territory. This included the adoption of a new constitution, which incorporated elements of Islamic law, and the establishment of a new judiciary. 

After the fall of the government regime in 2011, the legal system in Libya has undergone significant changes as various factions have sought to establish control over the country. This has led to a lack of a centralised legal system and the lack of a stable government has made it difficult to implement any meaningful legal reforms. 

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