Joseph Andrew to step down as Dentons Global Chairman

Dentons Global Chairman, Joseph Andrew, has decided to not run for another term as the Firm marks its 10th anniversary.  Andrew, who is the founding Global Chairman of Dentons, and founding Global Chairman of one of Dentons’ predecessor firms, SNR Denton, will continue to serve as Global Chairman into next year.    

“As the architect of Dentons’ strategy, I am most proud of this simple thing: the idea that is Dentons,” said Joe Andrew, Global Chairman. “When we announced the launch of Dentons a decade ago, many of our critics doubted it would succeed. But today we know it is a powerful concept because more law firms and lawyers have joined Dentons than any other firm in the history of the legal profession. Dentons has never been stronger so it’s time for me to “go out on top” with all the successes we have had. I’m looking forward to taking the same innovation and energy I brought to the position of Global Chairman and applying it to the practice of law for my clients.” 

“My appreciation to Joe for his contributions to Dentons is immense. His impact on the business of law has been enormous,” said Elliott Portnoy, Dentons Global CEO. “He not only conceived the strategy that made Dentons the world’s largest global law firm, helping lead more than fifty whole firm combinations, but he is the architect of many of the innovations that Dentons is known for – including our polycentric business model – a key differentiator for the Firm.”  

Andrew received the support of the Global Management Committee and Global Board to run for another term, but following Andrew’s decision, the Global Board has decided to formally retire the Global Chairman role after he leaves the role. All other global management positions remain in place.  

Following the conclusion of his leadership service, Andrew will focus on his successful legal practice at Dentons.