Mohamed_Osama Abdelwahab

Shehata & Partners representation of an Italian agriculture manufacturer

On 01 March 2021, the Litigation team of Shehata & Partners, led by partner Mohamed Osama Abdelwahab (pictured), in conjunction with the Italian law firm Pavia e Ansaldo were able to push for a favourable amicable settlement to their Client, an Italian agricultural company, against an Egyptian agricultural industrial company. 

The Client engaged with Shehata & Partners and after months of trying to reach a settlement or to obtain a favourable judgment of an un-recoverable multi-million Euros debt. 

When weighing the effects of the Adversary’ actions on the Client’s business, it was apparent to Shehata & Partners that an amicable solution was still possible. Yet, it would only be reached by devising a different tactic and strategy. In application, the litigation team pushed the Adversary into a ‘legal purgatory’ with both criminal and civil litigations on the horizon. This simple tactic opened the door for the Adversary to agree to a full, un-disputed, amicable settlement.