HSA Group Announces New Compliance Policies

In a significant move towards strategic transformation, HSA Group has launched the first generation of its new compliance policies.

The new compliance policies aim to enhance good governance practices, comply with international standards, and achieve the highest levels of transparency and responsibility. They include:

  • Anti-money laundering and terrorist financing policy
  • Compliance risk assessment policy for business partners
  • Code of professional conduct for business partners
  • Policy on international trade controls and sanctions
  • Reporting and investigations policy
  • Anti-corruption and bribery policy
  • Conflict of interest policy

The HSA Group believes that these new policies will play a crucial role in strengthening its position as a leading group in the field of compliance and good governance in Yemen. The policies are also expected to contribute to creating a fairer, safer, and more transparent work environment for all employees.

The group is committed to implementing these new policies effectively and ensuring that all employees adhere to them. Regular training will be provided to staff to ensure they fully understand these policies and how to apply them.

The new policies are anticipated to contribute significantly to achieving the strategic goals of HSA Group – Yemen Region and realizing its vision for a better and sustainable future.

in picture Mahmoud Shaarawy Chief Legal and Compliance Officer at HSA Group