Hage-Chahine_Al Sulaiti

Hage-Chahine and Al Sulaiti Forge Strategic Regional Partnership 

Hage-Chahine Law Firm and Al Sulaiti Law Firm have officially solidified their collaboration through a strategic memorandum of understanding (MoU). The agreement seeks to elevate the legal capabilities of both firms, enabling them to offer comprehensive legal services on a regional scale. 

Najib Hage-Chahine, Managing Partner of Hage-Chahine Law Firm, expressed his honour in associating with Al Sulaiti Law Firm, recognizing it as a prominent legal powerhouse in Qatar. The partnership aims to extend their collective reach within the Gulf region, providing cross-border legal support and fostering collaboration in the Qatari legal market. 

Mubarak Bin Abdullah Al Sulaiti, Chairman of Al Sulaiti Law Firm, highlighted the significance of this collaboration, enriching their network of relationships and strategic partnerships in the Middle East. The alliance prioritizes client interests, aligning with Al Sulaiti Law Firm’s vision for continuous expansion across the Middle East region. 

The MoU signifies a commitment to knowledge exchange and the development of new strategies to enhance the quality of legal services. Clients from both firms are anticipated to benefit from top-tier legal support in various areas, including dispute resolution, commercial and financial matters, real estate law, intellectual property rights, and more. 

With this partnership, Hage-Chahine Law Firm extends its services to France, Lebanon, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and Qatar. Positioned uniquely, the firms are geared to provide comprehensive legal solutions across these dynamic markets, setting a precedent for regional legal excellence.