John Crothers_Barthélemy Littot

Gide: IFC and ONAS in Landmark Concession Contract in Tunisia

Gide, acting as legal advisor, supported the International Finance Corporation (IFC) as the Lead Advisor to the Water Treatment Authority of Tunisia (Office National de l’Assainissement de la Tunisie, ONAS) in the structuring, negotiation, and execution of the first-ever public-private partnership in Tunisia’s water sector. The partnership involves the signing of a concession contract between ONAS and SUEZ for the provision of sanitation services in southern Tunisia. 

Under the agreement, ONAS has entrusted SUEZ with the operation of public sanitation services in the governorates of Sfax, Gabès, Médenine, and Tataouine. The ten-year concession contract encompasses various aspects, including the rehabilitation of existing wastewater treatment plants, additional improvements to enhance the quality of treated water, and the operation and maintenance of the existing network comprising 14 wastewater treatment plants, 106 pumping stations, and approximately 1,900km of wastewater pipes. 

The project, with a total worth of €200 million, will be financed by the World Bank for infrastructure rehabilitation and expansion, while the Tunisian government will fund the operation and maintenance of the infrastructure. 

The Gide team comprised partner John Crothers and associate Barthélemy Littot