Zakaria Bouabidi_Mohamed Lahbib Rhalib

Growth Continues: Giambrone & Partners in Casablanca 

Global law firm Giambrone & Partners has further expanded its presence in Africa with the opening of its twenty-first office in Casablanca, Morocco. The firm has also added two new partners, Zakaria Bouabidi and Mohamed Lahbib Rhalib, to its Casablanca team. They will join forces with Gabriele Giambrone, Managing Partner of the firm, and Giorgio Bianco, Partner, to form the legal team at the new location 

Bouabidi, a specialist in corporate and commercial law, brings extensive experience in corporate governance, contract drafting and negotiation, mergers and acquisitions, and contractual law and consumer protection. He has a particular focus on fraud, product liability, and unfair business practices, and is also proficient in bankruptcy law. 

Rhalib, a lawyer at the Paris Bar and a professor of private law at Hassan II University, is an expert in commercial and banking law. He holds a PhD in private law and criminal sciences from the International Faculty of Comparative Law of French-speaking countries, and has degrees in management sciences, finance, and management and human resources. With his extensive legal and academic expertise, Rhalib is a recognized expert in the field of commercial law. 

The new Casablanca office, located at 14 Boulevard de Paris, will provide Giambrone & Partners with a strong base from which to serve the growing legal needs of clients in the North Africa region. The firm’s expansion into Casablanca is a strategic move that reflects its recognition of the region’s economic potential and its commitment to providing high-quality legal services to clients across Africa. 

Giorgio Bianco, Partner, commented, ‘The opening of our new office in Casablanca reflects the company’s ongoing commitment to expanding its presence in the Arab world and its dedication to providing legal services in major global economic centers. Our presence in Morocco will further strengthen the firm’s ability to assist clients with innovative and tailored legal solutions.'”