e& and KEZAD Communities Bridge Digital Divide in Razeen City

In a move to enhance the living experience for residents of Razeen Worker Residential City in Abu Dhabi, eisalat by e& and KEZAD Communities have entered into a strategic partnership to upgrade the city’s digital infrastructure. This collaboration will see the implementation of a comprehensive Wi-Fi network, powered by etisalat by e&, connecting all rooms and common areas of the facility. 

The project, guided by Brooke Lindsay (pictured), Group Chief Legal & Compliance Officer at e&, will involve the installation of advanced fiber optic cables, high-performance switches, and wireless access points, ensuring a seamless, high-speed, and unlimited Wi-Fi experience for over 50,000 residents. 

This partnership goes beyond mere technological advancement, signifying a step towards fostering a more connected and socially progressive community. By combining KEZAD Communities’ expertise in accommodation with etisalat by e&’s digital capabilities, this collaboration is poised to make a positive impact on the socio-economic landscape of the region.