DP World’s Carbon Neutral Vision with Industrial Innovation Group

In a significant step towards sustainable development and carbon neutrality, DP World, under the guidance of Olivier Schwartz, Group Chief Legal Officer & General Counsel, has inked a Carbon Removal Certification Agreement with Industrial Innovation Group. The latter, a global player in high-tech carbon removal initiatives, will work alongside DP World to implement long-term solutions for achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, aligning with DP World’s commitment to carbon neutrality by 2040. 

Decarbonization takes center stage in DP World’s strategy, and the partnership aims to pioneer sustainable practices, particularly within the supply chain and logistics sectors. Industrial Innovation Group’s expertise will be instrumental in crafting a comprehensive carbon removal roadmap for DP World’s UAE value chain. This includes active participation in Voluntary Carbon Removal Projects and rigorous reporting mechanisms to track carbon emission reductions. 

Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem, Group Chairman and CEO of DP World, expressed the company’s dedication to environmental responsibility, stating, “DP World is fully aware of the impact of its activities on the environment and is ready to step up and progressively expand our efforts.” The collaboration reflects DP World’s commitment to climate-responsible business practices, fostering a strategic alliance with Industrial Innovation Group to combat climate change. 

Taryam Matar Taryam, CEO of Industrial Innovation Group, emphasized the joint commitment to creating a future supply chain with zero carbon emissions. He highlighted the leadership of both companies in championing a responsible, value-based approach to business and developing effective, long-term solutions for the global climate agenda. The agreement signifies a united front in the fight against climate change and a shared vision for sustainable, eco-friendly business practices.