COP 28 Insight: Hesham Eissa on Law, Sports, and Eco-Action 

With Suzan Taha

In an era where sports and environmental consciousness intersect, Sport Makers Law & Management Firm stands at the forefront of pioneering initiatives that integrate legal expertise with a commitment to sustainability.  

In this exclusive interview, LegalcommunityMENA and Hesham Eissa delve into Sport Maker’s role in the climate action dialogue, exploring its strategies, collaborations, and contributions to the global discussions anticipated at COP 28

Hesham Eissa, works alongside Founding Partners Nasr Azzam and Taha Diaey, who leads the firm.

How does Sport Makers perceive its role in contributing to discussions and initiatives at COP 28, considering its focus on Sports Law and Management? 

It would be a magnificent opportunity to extend our experience in Sports Law and Management at COP 28, where Sport Makers has and extensive experience in this field since 2009. Sport Makers is a prominent multi-services company with a rich legacy, specializing in sports management and legal services at both national and international levels. 

In your experience, how can the sports industry actively participate in climate action, and what role do legal and management firms like Sport Makers play in this regard? 

Sports organizations can organize green initiatives and events that prioritize sustainability. This can include hosting carbon-neutral games or tournaments, providing public transportation options for fans, and promoting sustainable food and beverage options at sport venues. Sport Makers is at the forefront of sports development, spearheading projects that contribute to the growth of sports infrastructure and talent at local and regional levels. 

COP 28 is expected to address sustainability and environmental responsibility. How does Sport Makers integrate these considerations into its business strategies and services? 

Sport Makers Consulting Group takes pride in its extensive experience in the MENA region, with a strategic focus on Gulf countries. Our in-depth understanding of the local dynamics positions us as a trusted partner for organizations seeking to navigate and excel in this dynamic market. 

As a General Manager, how do you envision Sport Makers collaborating with sports organizations and legal professionals to align with the goals and discussions at COP 28? 

We have a strong connection with the national and international sports federations, as well as sports clubs and sport foundations in Egypt, North Africa and the Middle East region, inter alia, we can share goals and topics of discussions determined by COP 28, in addition to activating these goals and principles within our Education & Sport Management Training Program as we have a history in lecturing and educating through an accredited training courses like CIES Diploma, international workshops, virtual courses. 

In your role, how does Sport Makers balance business objectives with environmental considerations, especially in the context of COP 28 discussions? 

We recognize the importance of balancing environmental and social impact with their overall business objectives, most sport and recreation organizations develop a sustainability team as a primary driver for strategic changes to an organization’s environmental practices and few sport or recreation organizations have a senior level management position to handle environmental operations. Therefore, we believe that more strategies to organize events, courses, and workshops to share this new approach become a mandatory objective. 

As an international firm, how does Sport Makers adapt its legal and management strategies to comply with different countries’ environmental regulations and expectations discussed at global events like COP 28? 

Sport Makers believes in Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). So, we developed our plans to be compatible with the global challenges facing humankind. Therefore, we successfully achieved several goals out of the 17 SDGs, for example, Goal 3 [Good health and well-being], Goal 4 [Quality Education], Goal 5 [Gender Equality], Goal 8 [Decent work and economic growth], and Goal 10 [Reduced Inequality], we reckon that each of these goals are attached to Sports Industry in a way or another. Additionally, Sports Law in its implementation before the International Authorities and committees has a massive and powerful affect to reflect its role to the said goals. 

COP 28 may highlight the importance of responsible corporate governance. How does Sport Makers approach legal and management aspects to ensure ethical and sustainable practices within the sports industry? 

We assist sports organizations in establishing robust governance structures, fostering transparency, accountability, and ethical practices to ensure sustainable growth. 

Considering your extensive experience in both management and legal fields, how do you see Sport Makers contributing to the broader conversations on sustainability and climate action during COP 28? 

Since I joined Sport Makers Group, I can tell that the most important and interest point that I admired is the vision that the company established for the long term, and how this plan has been created to connect complicated law and regulations to the sport worldwide, throughout the unique qualifications possessed by Founding Partners Mr. Nasr El Din Azzam and Mr. Taha Diaey that they gained for more than 15 years in both legal, sport, and development practices. 

Sport Makers has a significant presence in Egypt. How do you envision the firm’s role in promoting environmental awareness and best practices within the sports industry, aligning with the themes of COP 28? 

We have an endless effort in football legal sector, that say makes our approach always under developing and starving for more sectors to cover. Furthermore, Sport Makers proudly running into organizing, hosting, and attend global events, for example, hosting and organizing the 7th AIAF Congress “International Association for Football Lawyers Congress) in Egypt, for the very first time in Africa Continent under of the Ministry of Youth and Sports. Additionally, our participation in the next WFS (World Football Summit 2023), in Saudi Arabia, World Football Summit connects leaders who want to design a sustainable football industry.

About Hesham Eissa

Hesham Eissa is the General Manager at Sport Makers Law & Management Firm, bringing with him a wealth of experience and expertise. Joining Sport Makers in 2023, he comes from a decade-long tenure at one of the largest international law firms in the region. His extensive background includes handling multiple arbitration cases, overseeing litigation procedures, and managing Foreign Affairs assignments. 

Prior to his legal career, he served as Team Manager and Media Officer for the Egyptian Football Team during the FIFA World Cup U-20 in Colombia and the Olympic Tournament in 2012, London. Hesham holds an LL.B from Cairo University, along with FIFA Management and FIFA World Cup U-20 Media Officer Certificates, and a CAF Management License. 

He holds LL.B from Cairo University, and holds FIFA Management Certificate, FIFA World Cup U-20 Media Officer Certificate, CAF Management License. 

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