CMS Partners with GenAI Platform Harvey

 CMS has announced a global partnership with Harvey, a leading generative AI (GenAI) platform. This collaboration positions CMS, which operates in 47 countries, at the forefront of utilizing GenAI to enhance legal service delivery to clients.

CMS has a strong history of leveraging AI technology in its legal service delivery across transaction, litigation, and advisory practice groups. The integration of GenAI technology to support clients worldwide marks the next step in this evolution. CMS has been exploring the potential of AI for several years and has been interested in generative AI even before ChatGPT made headlines.

CMS Executive Director, Isabel Scholes, stated, “CMS believes that GenAI will enhance and support our human knowledge and skills, enabling the firm to deliver even greater benefits to its clients.”

Backed by OpenAI, Harvey enhances productivity and streamlines workflows across various legal work areas, including contract analysis, due diligence, litigation, and regulatory compliance. Harvey can generate insights, assist in creating initial drafts, suggestions, and forecasts from large data volumes, which are then used to create final deliverables. This enables lawyers to provide quicker, better, and more affordable solutions to their clients.

In 2023, CMS initiated a pilot program with Harvey, involving numerous CMS lawyers, tax advisors, and notaries across several jurisdictions. CMS now plans to introduce Harvey in a phased approach across its member firms, starting in France, Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal, and the UK.

in the picture John O’Connor is a partner and head of our Corporate and Commercial Practice in Dubai Branche.