Dr. Soliman Abdul Kader Fakeeh Hospital IPO Cleared by CMA 

The Capital Market Authority (CMA) has granted its approval for the registration and initial public offering (IPO) of shares of Dr. Soliman Abdul Kader Fakeeh Hospital Company. This decision, made by the CMA Board on 17/09/1445H corresponding to 27/03/2024G, marks a significant milestone for the renowned healthcare institution. 

The approval entails the offering of 49,800,000 shares, representing 21.47% of the company’s share capital. This move is poised to open up opportunities for investors to participate in the growth and success of one of the leading hospital groups in the region. 

Dr. Soliman Abdul Kader Fakeeh Hospital Company, with its headquarters located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, boasts a rich history of providing exceptional healthcare services to the community. Founded by the esteemed Dr. Soliman Fakeeh, the hospital has been serving patients for decades, earning a reputation for excellence in medical care and patient satisfaction. 

With a commitment to advancing healthcare standards and leveraging cutting-edge technology, the hospital has continuously expanded its facilities and services to meet the evolving needs of patients.  

As the company prepares to publish its prospectus ahead of the subscription period, investors can anticipate the opportunity to become part of a dynamic healthcare enterprise poised for further growth and innovation. 

The IPO of Dr. Soliman Abdul Kader Fakeeh Hospital Company represents a significant step forward in the journey towards enhancing healthcare accessibility and quality in the region. With a focus on delivering value to shareholders while continuing to prioritize patient care, the company is well-positioned to thrive in the evolving healthcare landscape. 

As the prospectus becomes available, investors are encouraged to carefully evaluate the opportunity to participate in this landmark offering, which signifies not only an investment in a leading healthcare institution but also a commitment to advancing healthcare excellence in Saudi Arabia and beyond.