Beeah Introduces AI Executive for Business Decision-Making

Beeah, a leader in sustainability solutions, announces the development of an “AI Executive.” This groundbreaking initiative underscores Beeah’s commitment to driving agility, efficiency, and data-driven operations. 

The “AI Executive” is poised to simplify complex data into actionable insights using a proprietary Language Learning Model (LLM). Capable of understanding intuitive language queries, both written and spoken, this system will empower employees across all levels to make informed decisions relevant to their functions or industries. 

Leveraging cutting-edge AI and digital twin technology, Beeah has been at the forefront of sustainability efforts, exemplified by its iconic headquarters and innovative waste management solutions. Now, with the introduction of the AI Executive, Beeah aims to amplify its digitalisation efforts, fostering well-informed decision-making and accelerating innovation. 

Khaled Al Huraimel, Group CEO and Vice Chairman of Beeah, emphasises the transformative potential of the AI Executive, stating, “This initiative consolidates our digitalisation endeavours, enabling leadership and teams to harness real-time data for effective decision-making.” 

Aligned with the UAE’s National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence and poised to capitalise on the region’s growing AI landscape, Beeah’s AI Executive heralds a new era of technological advancement, driving sustainability, efficiency, and value for stakeholders. 

Through strategic partnerships and in-house expertise, Beeah is poised to lead the charge in AI-driven innovation, reaffirming its commitment to sustainable growth and economic diversification. 

Shaun Johnson (pictured) is Group Chief Legal Officer at Beeah Group.