Ammar_El Banna

Ammar El Banna obtains an injunctive relief from the Dubai Courts 

Ammar El Banna, founder of Incept Legal and of counsel at Khodeir & Partners, has successfully secured an injunction for an international corporation before the Dubai Court of Appeal. 

El Banna acted for the client in a USD 14 million dispute involving an alleged sham scheme that was orchestrated by a former director against the client. 

The lack of evidence against the former director led El Banna to draft an application compelling the Dubai Court of Appeal to join new parties to the appeal. major banks in the UAE were joined to the dispute and were then ordered to disclose confidential information, in the form of bank statements, belonging to the former director. Based on the acquired material, El Banna was able to establish the involvement of the former director in the matter at the cost of his client’s cost.