Al Tamimi & Co. and Harvey Transforming MENA Legal Landscape 

In a strategic move set to revolutionize the legal landscape in the Middle East and North Africa, Al Tamimi & Company, the region’s premier law firm, has joined forces with Harvey, a leading provider of generative artificial intelligence solutions tailored for the legal sector. This historic collaboration positions Al Tamimi & Company as the first regional firm to forge a partnership with Harvey, heralding a new era of technological integration in legal services. 

Harvey, boasting support from the OpenAI Startup Fund and Sequoia Capital, specializes in developing highly sophisticated domain-specific models and applications designed exclusively for the legal industry. This strategic alliance empowers Al Tamimi & Company to harness Harvey’s advanced AI platform, leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as natural language processing, machine learning, and data analytics. These tools will be instrumental in automating and enhancing crucial legal functions, including contract assessment, due diligence, document creation, research, and compliance. 

Moreover, the collaboration presents a unique opportunity for Al Tamimi & Company to collaborate with Harvey in refining and enhancing the platform’s Arabic language proficiency, ensuring a seamless and effective integration of AI into the region’s legal landscape. 

The overarching goal of this partnership is to deliver swift, precise, and innovative legal solutions across a diverse spectrum of practice areas and industries. Al Tamimi & Company aims not only to elevate client services but also to enhance its internal capabilities, productivity, and competitive edge. This pioneering alliance is poised to foster collaboration and innovation between the law firm and Harvey, as they jointly explore the uncharted territories of generative AI and the evolving legal landscape. 

Samer Qudah, Managing Partner of Al Tamimi & Company (pictured), expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “We are delighted to partner with Harvey, a pioneer and leader in the field of legal AI, and one of the most trusted names in this area. This partnership reflects our commitment to embracing digital transformation and innovation, and to providing our clients with the best possible legal services in the region. We believe that AI will complement and augment our human expertise and experience, and enable us to deliver more value, quality and efficiency to our clients and stakeholders.” 

Gabriel Pereyra, Co-Founder and CEO of Harvey, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the importance of partnerships with domain experts in continually improving generative AI systems. ” We are delighted to partner with Al Tamimi & Company and to leverage their industry- and region-specific knowledge as we create advanced generative AI tools for law.” Pereyra said. 

Winston Weinberg, Co-Founder and President of Harvey, added, “Our partnership with Al Tamimi & Company represents a unique opportunity to provide increasingly sophisticated and innovative generative AI tools to the legal industry.” 

This collaboration stands as a testament to the commitment of both Al Tamimi & Company and Harvey to push the boundaries of innovation and deliver unparalleled value to clients in an ever-evolving legal landscape.