Shaun Johnson_Magdalena Konig

AIQ and BEEAH join forces to accelerate AI-Driven Sustainability Initiatives  

AIQ, a pioneering technology company dedicated to advancing the transformation of the energy sector through artificial intelligence (AI), and BEEAH Group, a renowned leader in sustainability, have entered into a strategic collaboration aimed at propelling the United Arab Emirates’ sustainability agenda. This partnership aligns with the visionary goals of the UAE government and the objectives set forth for COP28. 

At the heart of this collaboration is the shared commitment of AIQ and BEEAH Group to drive sustainability and foster positive environmental change across various sectors and industries. By harnessing the power of cutting-edge technologies, particularly AI, these entities aim to unlock transformative opportunities in waste management, renewable energy, transportation, and other domains, with the ultimate goal of creating sustainable value. 

The Memorandum of Understanding signed between BEEAH and AIQ signifies their dedication to jointly explore and implement AI-driven solutions that will revolutionize sustainability practices. BEEAH, known for its trailblazing efforts in utilizing AI for sustainable initiatives, recognizes the potential of AIQ’s technological expertise to further propel growth and innovation in critical sectors such as waste management, renewable energy, and transportation. 

Through this collaborative venture, both organizations aim to capitalize on BEEAH’s established track record in integrating AI into sustainability initiatives, while simultaneously identifying new avenues to support national objectives in line with the UAE’s Year of Sustainability and the forthcoming COP28 summit. 

Magdalena Konig (pictured right), General Counsel at AIQ and Shaun Johnson (pictured left), Group General Counsel at Beeah Group, oversaw the matter.