Adli Hammad appointed to OPEC Appeals Committee 

Adli Hammad, founding partner of Saudi law firm Hammad & Al-Mehdar (HMCO), has been appointed as a member of the OPEC Appeals Committee by the Board of Governors. This appointment recognizes Hammad’s reputation in the field of disputes and his extensive experience in the legal industry. The OPEC Appeals Committee, an independent body responsible for employment-related matters within the OPEC Secretariat in Vienna, will benefit from Hammad’s knowledge and expertise. 

Starting from July 1, 2023, Hammad will serve on the OPEC Appeals Committee for a period of five years. During this time, he will utilize his expertise to ensure fair and impartial resolutions for employment-related issues within the organization. This appointment underscores his prominence in the field of disputes and employment law and showcases his contributions as a leading authority. In addition, Hammad has been appointed as an alternate President within the OPEC Appeals Committee. 

This appointment not only benefits the OPEC Appeals Committee but also enhances Saudi Arabia’s involvement in key discussions. Saudi Arabia’s active participation and representation in international organizations like OPEC contribute to its global influence. Hammad’s role as a member of the Appeals Committee allows him to advocate for the interests of Saudi Arabia and contribute to important discussions on employment disputes within the OPEC Secretariat. His presence promotes fairness and balance in resolving employment-related issues and strengthens Saudi Arabia’s voice on matters of global significance.